Mission Statement


Bringing you the highest quality teamwear in custom design in -what others say- impossible terms of 2.5 weeks as wel as premium collections at reasonable pricing available globally through an efficient supply chain.


The HALE brand was created because we saw so many teamwear companies - even very large ones - cause trouble to teams on a regular basis by late delivering, mixing up sizing, printing colors or logos wrong. The list goes on. They got their marketing right, but that was about it.

If you have ordered teamwear before, you know what we are talking about. We are athletes too and from the experiences we got, we decided to put up our own manufacturing plant.


HALE partners with Sportswear of Tomorrow LTD from Latvia to manufacture their kit. Together we manufacture custom designed cycling kit since 15 years for brands and teams all over the world. The expertise we got in measuring and fitting apparel is the added value over other brands. We've build ordering processes for other brands so they could get their deliveries straight. We've developed the best cycling aero-suits, the best cycling jersey, the most aerodynamic skating-suit. But it was sold under our customer's brand name.

Now is our turn to show you what we can, through the HALE brand. Originally we supplied just cyclists, but are now supplying athletes in cycling, triathlon and inline speed skating. We will continue to develop a line of cross country skiing apparel as well to continue to support the Scandinavian countries from where we got a lot of demand.



Next to HALE being a business, we are in the game for a few reasons:
- We want to bring the best product
- We make premium kit more affordable
- We beat everyone at delivery-speed
- We support various charities
- You can trust our brand to bring you a blend of just the best
- We serve you with the best and fastest customer service