HALE Cycling Factory Tour

Did you know that many cycling brands rely on textile manufacturers in Eastern Europe for custom cycling teamwear production? 
It's no surprise that many brands have returned from the Far East (China, Thailand etc) to manufacture high end cycling apparel closer to their head offices.

HALE Cycling partnered with one of these factories in Latvia for the design and manufacturing of high end apparel. For everyone: kids and adults who share the same passion for cycling.

There is a strong textile manufacturing heritage in the Baltic countries (of which Latvia is part). During the Sovjet period, a lot of textile industry could be found here.

It's evident that there is still a lot of high end labour skill available. At HALE, we feel priviledged to be able to use high end skills in garment construction, garment manufacturing and graphic and video design.

Since 15 years, the factory is working together with leading fabric suppliers such as MITI, SCHOELLER, CARVICO and SITIP. We attend all important bike and sports fairs such as Eurobike Munich, ISPO Munich, Interbike Las Vegas. 

(photo Emirates customers)
Our customers are based all over the world, which asks for a custom approach on fabric choice as well. Hot countries such as West-USA, Australia and the United Arab Emirates require for our product designers to come up with ideas for maximum ventilation while still protecting the human body from sunburns.

While we are based in a country where temperatures can drop as low as -20 degrees Celcius, we work with Continental teams such as ZZK/Specialized Latvia, to design product that can withstand also ice-cold temperatures.

(photo designers)
The first step in the realisation of custom cycling apparel is to draw the customer's ideas in terms of design, logos and colors onto a sketch.

(photo printers)
As the wide format sublimation printers -we run 4 printers day and night- cannot print just sketches, we have to transfer the sketch design to the specially prepared printfiles.

At HALE, together with ADOBE USA, have developed a special tool to automate this process. As such, we can hundreds of printfiles, with 4 graphic designs in just a couple of HOURS. It's an important time-saver in order to supply garments quicker.

(photo cutting plain white fabric)
While the printfiles are being printed out, our cutting department is preparing fabrics for cutting. We stock many rolls of different high end Italian fabrics.

As we specialize in teamwear quantities, from just a single piece, we do not need to have large automated cutting machines. We can cut out layer per layer, or cut out up to 10 layers with the electronic scissors.

(photo printers)
The printed sublimation paper is then brought in rolls to the sublimation facility where the cutted layers of fabric (or cutted pieces for larger quantity orders are waiting).

(photo sublimation)
In the sublimation facility we have 3 MONTI ANTONIO presses. As this production process requires high accuracy, we prefer using the flatbed presses with 2 tables. 
The reviews from our customers so far have been that our prints are extremely sharp. That is, because we use high end official inks. We do not make any sacrifices on fabrics or supplies to save money. Our aim is to bring the ultimate best product.

(photo sewing)
Over 100 sewing machines with different technology are available. The workmanship is of very high standard. We can make the most complex garments within a short time. That is important to keep the cost of the end product under control.

(photo packing)
A last quality check before packing the garments. Removing leftover thread. Checking print quality and off the product goes. We ship globally to customers in Australia, USA, United Arab Emirates and all EU countries.