HALE - The Brand.

We grew up in the fields of Flanders. We watched the famous cycling races pass our homes. When we were growing up, our parents asked what we wanted to become when grown up, we told them: 'a True Flandrien'.

And as we grew older, the Flandrien spirit sat deep in our souls. Every competition was a race. The ride home after school was a competition (even if the other kids riding home did not think so). We just missed the kit for it.

So we decided to design and produce it. Proudly presenting HALE, the kit made by Flandriens that want ride in the front, putting everyone else in dust. 

3D Design


HALE and our planet

All our garments are made of recycled yarn by ECONYL® REGENERATED NYLON.  No waste. No new resources. Just endless possibilities.  Think before you buy and support the companies that contribute to a healthier planet.